The Lunch Bag

McClure's Pickles


This lunch bag will be the envy of the cafeteria so be prepared to field questions. Cram it full with your choice of lunch options.

Made with Washable Kraft Paper – brush out the crumbs, wipe off the stickies, or pop it in the washing machine on any cycle for a sweeter clean.

Regular Size: 180 x 130 x 260

Regular in size but not in nature, as the real genius here is the fact that you can fit a Sistema 1L container snugly in the bottom, perfect for a salad or your leftovers from last night. To top it off there’s still room for a couple of pieces of fruit and you can even squeeze in a sandwich.

Hand-made in Christchurch, New Zealand by David & Sam – $1 from every bag sold goes towards supporting mental health in our community.

Don't just take our word for it!

Check it out in action