The Ultimate Toastie Bundle

Ironclad Pan Co


After years of tests & trials, we have finally discovered the key secrets to creating, cooking & transporting the humble toastie.

These are: 

  1. Create: Always with McClure's pickles & cheese.
  2. Cook: Ironclad Pans are the best!
  3. Transport: You can't go past a re-usable Sammy bag.

We want to give you the chance to experience these exceptional toasties at home with the Ultimate Toastie Bundle.

In this bundle you will receive:

  1. 1 x Ironclad Lil' Legacy Cast Iron Pan
  2. 1 x McClure's Pickles Reusable Sammy Bag
  3. 1 x Jar of Spicy & Sweet McClure's Pickles

Features include:

  1. Ironclad Lil' Legacy Cast Iron Pan: Meet Lil’ Legacy, the Legacy Pan’s smaller and slightly cuter sibling. Like all Ironclad Cookware, the Lil’ Legacy is 100% made in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and hand-poured to order. So every Lil’ Legacy is as unique as the family recipes it will prepare. And it will prepare a lot.

    Made with recycled T100 iron, like its predecessor, the Lil’ Legacy has also been designed to withstand three generations of daily use. In short, it’s just as tough, it’s just lighter and smaller.

    Every Lil’ Legacy automatically comes with our trademark Three Generation Guarantee™️.

    The box will also include a bottle of Marlborough Grape Seed Seasoning Oil, an Ironclad cotton storage bag, printed care instructions, and a hand-signed Three Generation Guarantee™. Every Lil’ Legacy also comes with free access to the Ironclad Family Recipe Vault - a closed social platform designed to store, share and save your family recipes for generations to come.

  2. McClure's Pickles Reusable Sammy Bag: This lunch bag will be the envy of the cafeteria so be prepared to field questions. Cram it full with your choice of lunch options.

    Made with Washable Kraft Paper – brush out the crumbs, wipe off the stickies, or pop it in the washing machine on any cycle for a sweeter clean.

    Regular Size: 180 x 130 x 260

    Regular in size but not in nature, as the real genius here is the fact that you can fit a Sistema 1L container snugly in the bottom, perfect for a salad or your leftovers from last night. To top it off there’s still room for a couple of pieces of fruit and you can even squeeze in a sandwich.

  3. Jar of Spicy & Sweet McClure's Pickles: Great grandmother Lala passed on her spicy pickle recipe... good thing she did as McClure's are excited to share their traditional family recipe with you and yours.

    Intermingled with cayenne and habanero peppers, these pickles have a kick. Layered, bold flavours and incredible crunch make for a unique pickle, unlike others. Use the leftover spicy brine to make our bloody mary mix or as a marinade for cooking.

Please note: The hat in the picture is not included in this bundle.

Don't just take our word for it!

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