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Five Olive Oil


Merchant: 5 Olive Oil
Speciality: Olive Oil
Origins: Finiki Lakonias, Greece
Perfect With: Salads, Meats and Fish
Their Story: In the tiny Greek village of Finiki, the world’s most exceptional extra virgin olive oil is produced.
The area’s dry, rocky soil and high sunshine is perfect for growing Koroneiki olive trees, which produce exceptionally flavourful fruit.
The hand-selected olives are then cold-pressed to extract a pure expression of place.
Initially slightly peppery on the palate, 5 follows through with a rounded, smooth flavour profile. It brings a beautiful depth to cooking, while also delivering the perfect finishing touch to everything from a salad to a cheese or fruit plate.
5's bottle design has thrived in international competitions around the globe, amassing a staggering 5 global design awards, including the Red dot Design Awards, the European Design Awards, the Pentawards, the Dieline Awards & the New York International Olive Oil Competition where 5 Olive Oil was voted by the jury as the most innovative package design.
5's purity, supported by state of the art production & long tradition, makes this   one of the most sought after oils in the world.
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