Honey & Cheese - A Match Made in Heaven

By Rebecca Caughey

A drizzle of honey is the perfect way to enhance the flavour of cheese and yoghurt. Here are suggestions on what pairs well with our range of J. Friend and Co's honeys.

Beechwood Honeydew Honey: Ricotta, mascarpone or harder cheeses such as a washed rind or mature cheddar.

Kamahi Honey: White mould cheeses such as camembert and brie or more robust cheese such as a goat’s milk feta.

Manuka Honey: Thick greek style yoghurt. 

Northern Rata Honey: White mould cheese such as camembert and brie or fuller flavoured washed rind cheese.

Vipers Bugloss Honey: Strongly-flavoured cheeses such as blues, hard cheese such as aged cheddar or parmesan or even pungent washed rind cheese.

White Clover Honey: Nutty cheeses such as gruyere, maasdam or elemental.

Wild Thyme Honey: Salty robust cheeses such as feta and goat's cheese.

Click here to check out the full range of honeys from J. Friends and Co. Sourced from around New Zealand these unique honeys are sure to take anyones honey game to the next level.